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Past logs for 2000
(9th calendar year
of non-stop skiing)

Dec '00, Month 99: Almost a 7 foot base at the Cottonwood resorts as we end the year 2000. The really deep pow has so far eluded us this season. Still, I've had some killer ski days this month. Mineral Basin finally opened last week.
Hard to believe, but night skiing closes in just 3 months. I hope you are getting your fair share of skiing this season, wherever you are.
As early as next week I will go skiing for the 100th straight month-- the century mark for the "official" new century. Can't think of a better way to celebrate the new century and the new millenium.

Nov 2000: Month 98- Utah's resorts had their earliest openings in years with unseasonably deep powder for the enjoyment of those 'in the know'. Snowbird was primo and opened with much more than last year. By the time the masses heard how good it was, most of the great pow was packed and waiting for the next storm.
I get a little nervous when it is this good this early. In my relatively limited experience, it often means we won't see really deep pow again until late December or early January.
No matter, there's snow and the chairs are running. Life is good again.....

Oct 2000: 97th Month
It's about time! I thought this hot summer would never end. Finished the 1999-2000 season last month at Timberline on Mt. Hood then kicked-off the 2000-2001 season at Snowbird a few days ago on several feet of new snow (over 6 feet in 3 days). Those lone tracks you may have seen all the way down Peruvian were mine. All mine. Bwwwaahhaahaahaha.
I wonder what the odds are to break a ski pole and then later a ski on the same run....Unbelievably, that's what I did. And then I broke my elbow on a rock.
Memo to self: Take skis off next time navigating mountain creeks.

Sep '00: Really fun day skiing Hood to "wrap up" this calendar season and my 96th straight month. The viz was horrible most of the day. I actually ended up being the only skier on the mountain for the last half-hour of skiing. Since it's the only skiing on the continent, I guess that made me the only person skiing out of 25,000,000 skiers. 25 Million!
It even SNOWED on me on my last run! Yes, maybe I felt just a leeetle bit superior.....

Aug, 95th Month: Met Johnny and Donna while skiing here at Timberline on Mt. Hood.   (That's what I call US Olympians Johnny Moseley and Donna Weinbrecht now that I've met them--Yeah, Johnny, Donna, and me--we're like this. wink, wink)   Click here for pics and more on the story.
In all of the years I've been coming here for my Labor Day Weekend ski tradition, this was one of the worst ones for weather..... but, oh well, what this year lacked, the good ones more than make up for.

July 2000:
Just skied the Bird (4th of July). Sunny, temperature in the high 50's and surprisingly few hikers. Made new tracks on the remains of "Old Reliable". Someone had skied "Pipeline Bowl" yesterday. I closed those tracks to make stark white "eights" against the old snow background.
Today was a very enjoyable break from this summer heat.

Jun '00: Skied what's left of "Bassackwards" at Snowbird today. Beautiful Day--skied past a lot of hikers. This year's melt is about a month ahead of normal. Last year at this time the chairs were still running and this run had plenty of coverage.
In fact, since my streak began in '92, the only other year I've had to hike this early was 1997, but that was due to a lack of skiers. (see logs)
This is the earliest melt in a decade. Good riddance to La Nina!

May 2000: Fully expected another 4 or 5 weekends of chairs--guess it wasn't to be. Snowbird changed their minds from their announced date and decided to close this weekend! Only got a couple of chair-days this month. I'll tell you, I am SO BUMMED! You'll have to excuse me, I'm too upset to discuss it right now.....I'll need a moment.....
Air fares are low. Maybe I'll go to Timberline an extra couple of times this summer....Or maybe I should save my money for therapy?
My dad passed away suddenly on his birthday earlier this month. I can already tell it will be a life-altering experience. I miss you, dad.

Apr 2000: Stellar days at the Bird. Lots of sun or new snow, depending on the days I was able to break away.
Finally made it to Alpine Meadows--the remaining Tahoe resort I hadn't skied. Caught it just right. A foot of new pow, and so few people that every run was new and untracked. Horrible viz, so I was fortunate to hook up with a local willing to guide me into all the hidden powder stashes--Thanks Tom!

Mar 2000, 90th Month: What an unbelievable month! I'd have to say that this has been my most exciting ski month. From heli-skiing the Chugach in Alaska to exploring the three famous Canadian Banff gems.
The conditions could not have been more perfect in Valdez. 12 feet of new snow a few days before we arrived, topped with brand-new pow on the very last day of our trip made for the best experience of my ski life.
To get a little flavor for what was experienced, you can
click here for message board comments from some of those who were there.

Feb 2000:
Just returned from skiing 7 feet of new stuff at Kirkwood, Heavenly, Squaw, Sugar Bowl, and Boreal, with my friend Bob Dondoyano. We had to hunt to find the lighter pow at each resort, but were rewarded when we did.
I'll review these and dozens of other resorts when those pages are completed.

Jan 2000:
How does a ski resort get better than best? By adding 25% more amazing terrain, accessed by a high-speed detachable quad. Snowbird now has every facing! If the north-faces are too chilly in the early morning, scoot on over to the sunny, south faces of the new Mineral B.
I just spent vacation time there--what a surprise. I've cat-skied it before, but the size and varied terrain were quite unexpected. I'll be frolicking there a lot this season.
It's official, Snowbird has more base depth than it had last year at this time.
Just made reservations for Banff (Canada) and the Chugach (Alaska) for later this season.

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