With US Olympian Donna Weinbrecht, Labor Day Weekend 2000

So I'm riding the chairlift with Jonny (that's what I call Jonny Moseley now that I've met both he and Donna---Oh yeah, the three of us, we're like this), and I say to him, "Oh, so you're probably with the adult ski camp?" He says, "yeah." We made small talk as strangers do on a chair. See, I didn't know it was him the entire time we rode the Palmer Quad together because it was so cold. Wha--?? Yeah, no kidding---fffrostbite cold with howling wind on this last day of August. We were all bundled up, wearing goggles and hoods, just like the middle of winter. I didn't know who he was until I saw him stop to talk to Donna Weinbrecht (I easily recognized her because she didn't have her goggles on).

By the time I got my camera ready, Jonny had already taken off and Donna was just getting ready to leave. So, I hurriedly skied over and met her. We talked for a bit and she ended up being a really good sport and agreed to let me take some pics for my ski site.

Funny thing---she didn't recognize me. Imagine that. I'm sure it was because I was decked out in winter gear and all. Could also be because I haven't won any gold medals and have never been in the Olympic 'circles' she travels. Well, I guess I haven't won any races or even attended any. Well, for whatever reason, she didn't recognize me. Maybe she just doesn't check out premier amateur ski websites (like mine) very often. But, she was delightful to talk to. I gave her my web address and she said she'd check it out---but, I bet she says that to all of the ski-web-site-geeks. Oh well.... MoselyJohny Mosley had already taken off.

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To Ulmer at Snowbird ...with Kristen Ulmer at Snowbird

US Olympian and a very nice person: Donna Weinbrecht

Me and Donna Weinbrecht                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Eric

Jonny Moseley air
This Moseley pic will have to do until I see him again