Updated Feb '11 -- Have now skied 134 resorts, including 2 trips to South America; '06 and again in '08. Pics/updates coming soon...

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How many WEEKS in a row could a person ski without stopping? How many continuous MONTHS would it be possible to ski if one made a commitment to ski non-stop, no matter what; even in May, June, July, August, September and October?
Through photos and notes this site chronicles a year-round skiing endeavor that began way back in 1992.
Ron was the first documented person in the world to alpine ski 91 straight weeks.
His MONTHLY alpine streak continues into the 19th year.

Check this site for streak photos, links, streak diaries, skistreak© magazine & newspaper articles, search engines, and snow reports from someone who just went skiing--no matter what month it is!

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Sep'05 to Feb'11:
Still doing a lot of catching up, including pics from some of the best powder years ever AND phenomenal powder trips to Chile and Argentina.

Aug '05: In the last ten years, only 1997 had this much snow in August. Prior to that it was August of 1995, which was also the only other time Snowbird stayed open until July 4th. This summer is very different. In '95, I didn't run into a single person when skiing these areas. This year they're everywhere. The bug has truly spread... Sweet August Turns- Skiing Aug'05

4th of July (154th month): This was truly a month of celebration. Snowbird was rockin! I talked to management and they were blown away by the crowds this month and this year. There were so many people this month and last that the tram had to run back-to-back almost every day they were open. Typically, in the late season, the tram is scheduled to run every 20 or 30 minutes. It was clear around Memorial Day that the schedule was out the window. There were too many people.
I can only hope we're seeing a whole new level of expectation in Utah.
The Fourth of July Skiing the 4th of July

June 2005: Snowbird is breaking all kinds of ticket records, the hungry throngs can't get enough, the conditions are primo....what is a resort to do? That's right. Stay Open! And that's precisely what the Bird is doing this season. They announced they will keep going until the 4th of July, conditions permitting. They haven't said that for 10 years. I am STOKED!
Click here for June pics June 2005

May '05: 152nd Month: When quality conditions continue like this it's easy to continue producing quality shots. Here's some more amazing stuff from the best powder year in a long time... Powder, powder, everywhere!

April '05: Alta, Snowbird, and the backcountry...another two pages of beautiful  photos from the month!

Mar 2005: Finally bagged a chute that I have been eyeing for years. On one of the few days of the season that it was actually open, I had a partner with me, the conditions were right, we had a window of visibility, we had our b/c gear.....we went for it.   Go to link
Pics of chute conquest, Whitepine, etc.

Feb '05, 149th Month: February was by far the best month of the season to date. Rather than try to describe any of it here, I'll let the pictures tell the story. They are quite possibly the best series of photos I've ever posted on my ski site.
Have a look:
Utah Pow

Jan, 2005: Hooooboy! What an amazing month! Jackson, Snowbird, Whistler, Blackcomb...what can I say? Pics of some highlights: January ski pics

Dec '04, 147th month:
Things slowed down a bit in terms of snowstorms. I had but one powder day in all of December, whereas in November it seemed every time I went it was a powder day.
We also had buddies in town from all over the world for the 4th Annual Utah Ski Summit, so that was nice...
December pics Click for December '04 pics

Nov 2004: November....Snowbird opened on the 5th! The earliest opening ever. OK, this kinda helps them make up for closing in early May when they could have stayed open until Memorial.   Kinda.   wink, wink    November start
Some incredible photos for the month

Oct 2004, Month 145:
The 13th year begins...
I took advantage of the heavy snowfall in the middle of the month and skied Alta.
Little did I know that the dumps would continue. As a result, Brighton had its earliest opening in more than 20 years and several other resorts geared up to open early as well. Oct  photos: 145th Month Photos

Sep 2004, 144th Month:
End of twelfth year: Thanks to Phil and Lisa's hospitality (Jay's sister) we had a great place to stay this trip. Ski Conditions were very good, especially compared to last September.
Twelve years of turns

See past logs link for pictures and comments on dozens of resorts, heli-skiing the Chugach in Alaska and exploring the famous Canadian gems Kicking Horse, Red, Fernie, Whistler, Blackcomb, Panorama, Lake Louise, Sunshine, and Norquay.
Also met Jonny and Donna while skiing one Labor Day weekend at Timberline on Mt. Hood. (That's what I call US Olympians Johnny Moseley and Donna Weinbrecht now that I've met them-- Yeah, Jonny, Donna, and me--we're like this. wink, wink)

Olympian Donna Weinbrecht Click here for a pic and more on meeting Donna and Jonny.

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* Most continuous weeks alpine skiing (and most months), most sports in a day
(26 at the 1990 Die-athlon) and the only person to ever ski both the
Y-Couloir and Mt. Olympus, in the month of July (two famous chutes in Utah's Wasatch mountain range).