World Record Ski Streak--Most continuous weeks AND months of alpine skiing ever recorded ©

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Cram Flying High in August over Snowbird in Little Cloud Bowl, Utah 
Des News Archive
The photographer's shot made front page of the newspaper because it looked so out of season to ski in August at Snowbird.

May Day! May Day!

May Snowbird
Last May '98 in "Rock Garden" at Snowbird--31" in 24 hours! 

Deep crevasse behind me while skiing at Timberline, Mt. Hood, September 

Just outside this Oregon ski area are deep crevasses in the permanent glacier.
They are beautiful formations to look at, but they kill out-of-bounds skiers and hikers almost every year that I've been there. I have been skiing the volcano for the last 9 seasons.

Making silky turns between volcanic rock--September 

Skiing Mt Hood
Plenty of fun inbounds stuff to ski in September at Mt. Hood, oregon.

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