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Past logs for 1995
(4th calendar year
of non-stop skiing)

Dec 1995:
Got a new job in the same industry. I start in January.
I took my son Reiner night skiing at Brighton the last Saturday of the month. He was all psyched to ski all night with me, but he fell hard on the second run and twisted his leg. He refused help, and instead, kicked his skis off, picked them up and carried them 200 yards to the car, whistling as he trudged through he snow. He told me to keep on skiing while he "rested." What a stud!

Nov 1995: Brighton opened up on the 10th. It was a far cry better than when I skied it a couple of weeks ago.
I think I only skied 3 days this month as I'm looking for a new job...

October: Had 8" of snow in our yard on the 21st-- had to turn on the house furnace it was so cold. I hope this means a great snow year.
Plenty of natural snow at Brighton before Halloween, so I skied Majestic run for a change of pace.

Timberline, September:
Skied three straight days at Timberline with Mike Gwynn, Okubo, Taylor, and Hansen. Supreme conditions. So good that I got a little carried away with speed. I impacted so hard with a slush bump that I broke my binding toe piece and went cartwheeling down the slope head over heels. I scraped my forearms so bad on the salted glacier that the fat layers were oozing. It was heinous.

Aug '95: Found plenty of snow to ski in Little Cloud Bowl on the 30th. Met a couple from Snow Basin. They were hiking together when they spied me skiing and came over to talk. They were fun to spend some time with.

July 4, 1995: A picture-perfect last chair-served day. Al and Pam skied the whole day with me. We had a ball. I can't believe it's July and we can ski all the way to the bottom of either side of Snowbird! I wouldn't have missed this for anything.
Found out I'm going to lose my job of 11 years.
Come October I won't have a paycheck because I signed a form saying I wouldn't relocate if there wasn't a local position after the upcoming layoffs. That turned out to be a huge mistake...DOH!

June: Got Hugo Rodier out towards the middle of the month. Frozen solid the first 4 or 5 runs, but when it softened he found out what sweet corn snow skiing is all about. Of course, then he was bummed about all the skiing we DIDN'T do this season...

May 1995: This was the snowiest May I can recall in a while. One powder day after another. Caught the Little Cloud rope drop after being closed for a couple of days. I love it when that happens! North Wilbere chutes have been unreal most of the month. Also met and skied with Kristen Ulmer, a well-known skiing personality. She's a lot of fun.
Broke my snowboard binding one day with Dave Okubo and his bud. It happened at the top of Big Emma. I had to ride my board down like a toboggan. I was plowing through so much powder I had to hold my breath for several hundred feet at a time. They said I looked like a crazed mole leaving a raised burrow trail down Emma.

April:Got out a couple times with my boss, Rick Lockhart--had a blast!
Lynn, Jon and I kept challenging each other to go faster and faster one day at Deer Valley, as measured by vertical rate of descent on my Avocet. I set a new personal best of 1,950 vertical feet per minute - over 80 mph on my 213's!

March: Unbelievable March! So many deep powder days. Lynn VanRoosendaal and I skied a whole bunch of vacation days together. The 24th was so good that Lynn said it was the best ski day of his life.
This was a month for ski problems-- I bent my Heli's dropping into Germ gulch with Jon Wall. Busted an edge when Bruce Camp came to town. Tore my Marker heel piece out of my ski with Jan Wilson at Alta cuz I landed a jump too hard--had to make it through the rest of that day with one telemark style ski.

February: EJ's buddy Scott Magnes was in town to ski for a week. We gave him a proper Utah ski tour, including a primo Bird powfest.

January '95: Skied alot with Al Greene, EJ Corry, and Jon Wall this month. Our schedules just happened to line up perfectly. Our best pow day was at Solitude, staying on the Summit and Powderhorn chairs. Nobody but us--tracking up Solly's steep and deep.

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