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Past logs for 1998
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of non-stop skiing)

Dec 1998, 75th Month:
Certainly not the best ski month, in terms of days skied--so much travel and so many projects that it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of skiing.....
Broke my skis on a hidden rock on Silver Fox run at the Bird.
One very interesting day this month was skiing Las Vegas Ski Resort. A few months ago, I wasn't even aware there was a ski resort so close to Vegas. It was actually quite fun.

Nov 11th: One of the best opening days I've experienced. Brighton had some very nice pow to kick off the "chair season". Tree-J was smiling big today.

Oct 10th: Corkscrew at Alta. This big early-season dump brought out more hiker/skiers than I can recall from previous seasons. Where are all of these people in May, June and July, when the snow is better and the resorts need the revenue to stay open?

Labor Day weekend. Can't believe it's here already. Great Scottie joined me this year. We had ourselves a couple of big vert/high-speed days on the volcano. That boy likes speed--almost as much as me.

Aug: Just skied Snowbird. Made a lot of turns on the plentiful snow left in Pipeline Bowl, but I was just about worn out from the hike today.

July, 70th Month: Skied Mt Olympus, high above the Salt Lake Valley. It has probably never been done in July by anyone--ever. The conditions all just came together to make it possible this summer. Wrote about it in a couple of publications: See Deseret News and SportsGuide

June: Got a few bonus days this June as Snowbird stayed open until mid-month. The stand-out day was with George Thomsen on June 13th--several inches of new powder made Little Cloud Bowl conditions superb.

May 1998: This is how May should be; lots of great powder days and lots of friends to share them with. Ran into Wayne Mineer enjoying the extended season several times this month. He has his priorities straight; for years he's been running up the canyon to ski during the lunch break at his medical clinic.

April: The highlight of the month was cat-skiing Mineral Basin with Mike Lyness and a bunch of other lucky bums. What an awesome powder day! Two days before that, I had the first "triple-P" day I've had in a long time.
I use my own powder rating system: "1P" for a powder day, "2P" means an INCREDIBLE powder day where you're frequently gasping for air between face shots, and a "3P" might only happen once very few years.
A "3P" is a day when the new powder is at LEAST 4 feet deep, bottomless under that, so light that it billows around with almost no resistance, and everything seems to move in slow motion. It's a spiritual, almost out-of-body experience.

March: Too many highlights to enumerate this month; Crystal Mountain with my wife, several good powder days, did over 60,000 vert at Sun Valley with Cobble and Scottie (which is the highest vert day I've ever had), boarded with Gary Mooers, hooked up with Greg Cook, and so on.

February: Just like a perfectly orchestrated plan (because it was), a few of us ski junkies (Nagle, Dondoyano, Boulter, and myself got together and skied our brains out at various Northeastern resorts.
In addition to the usual resorts around Utah, I ended up skiing Loon, Cannon, Pico, Killington, and Sugarbush--somebody pinch me.

January '98- A most excellent month for powder in Utah, but I was gone for much of it. Had a bit of travel to attend to, with Boston and Orlando meetings in the way.
One memorable weekend was when I came home from hot, sunny Florida to a couple of "double-P" days in Utah--

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