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Snowbird's Pipeline Bowl in summer 2000 
Lower Pipeline Bowl July 2000: A very hot summer in the valley 6,000 feet below. 

Typical March Snow Height 
High snowbank I thought we had a lot of snow last season. At Snowbird, we average around 550 to 600 inches per year.
We'll frequently have 15 feet packed. 

Mt. Baker, Washington, April of 1999 
Highest snowbank ever recorded I found out that this is what A LOT of snow looks like.
The weather pattern freaked out this year and dumped an all-time world-record 1,124 inches on Mt. Baker. I flew up to see and ski it. The snow above me, just out of view, is packed about 40 feet high. 
Face shot 
George, at play Just get wild man George away from the office....
Face shots 
At work and at play Left: At Play

Right: At Work 

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