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Winter skiing Mt. Superior--Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
(Snowbird in background)
Skier's view from Mt. Superior to Snowbird A hiker's reward.

This mountain is not lift accessed, but well worth the work, don't you think?

Summer skiing Mt. Superior--Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
(Snowbird and Alta in background)
Mt. Superior view to canyon road
This was one of those rare opportunites to ski the other side of the canyon in the summer.

This spot is over a thousand feet above the canyon road that you see below.

Below Top: Relaxing between September runs.
Below Bottom: Found unexploded avalanche bomb while skiing in August.
Unexploded avy bomb
Before almost skiing over this bomb, I thought sliding into a crevasse was about the worst that could happen while hiking and skiing in the summer.

This old-style unexploded bomb was activated as soon as it left the cannon several years ago. It was almost 2 feet long.

It had to be wrapped in C-4 explosives and detonated on the spot to avoid accidental discharge.

Top of the Bird's 11,000 foot Hidden Peak, summer 2000
HiddenPeak, 4th of July, 2000
A fast melt this summer left little to ski by August.
Fortunately, this was July and I got plenty of TPR (turns per run).

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