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We've all seen the headlines. Fiber is so well studied that we know some types can lower cholesterol, prevent certain cancers, level a diabetic's blood sugar, control hypoglycemia, and even avert headaches. A recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine confirms that some fibers can actually reduce insulin requirements by half. Fiber is also an important natural cleanser.

But, how do we get the recommended amounts (30-50 grams per day) without gagging? Or, gaining weight from all of the extra calories?

For example, to get 9 grams of the only type of SOLUBLE fiber contained in Cheerios (oat fiber) you'd have to eat 9 servings.
That's 1,000 calories without any milk or sugar!

You can get the same total of SOLUBLE fiber from 2 tablespoons of Unicity's BiosLife2 drink mix, at about half of that cost, and only 10 calories!

Unlike single source fibers like Cheerios, Metamucil or Citrucel, BiosLife2 contains 6 types of SOLUBLE fibers (very hard to find in western hemisphere food sources). Some examples are locust bean, acacia, certain pectins, and guar gum.

Multiple types of SOLUBLE fibers are important because over time the intestinal cilia can lose their function from repeated contact with only one kind,
eliminating the benefit of the fiber.

SOLUBLE fibers can reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, IBS, stabilize blood sugars, and many other beneficial systemic effects. INSOLUBLE fibers found in cereals, grains, fruits, and vegetables, affect regularity but do almost nothing systemic. Medical research has shown which SOLUBLE fibers are most effective. BiosLife2 contains these fibers.

BiosLife2 is formulated with
a mineral carbonate which helps soluble fibers disperse and become even more readily available for our body's use.

Patented 'CHROMEMATE' is included to reduce sugar cravings, contribute to the cellular uptake of insulin, and assist the SOLUBLE fibers to further lower cholesterol. Chromium nicotinate (CHROMEMATE) is safer and more effective than other forms of either chromium or niacin and requires less mg to give the same effect. This combination makes BiosLife2 an excellent weight-loss tool when taken before meals.

In addition, BiosLife2 contains important antioxidants. Antioxidants have been shown to help neutralize damage from "free radicals" left over from the production of cell energy.

Bios Life 2 is available with or without Nutrasweet (aspartame). Those accustomed to aspartame in diet drinks and foods prefer the taste of 'Original' Bios Life 2, as it contains Nutrasweet. Bios Life 2 'Natural' comes in 2 non-aspartame flavors. Good flavor is an important factor in long-term success with any fiber supplementation. Bios Life 2 helps to avoid what doctors call 'taste fatigue' since it tastes great with water, juice, or milk.

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Recent Studies

Two recently published, separate, six-year Harvard studies found that the incidence of heart muscle damage (myocardial infarction) was reduced by 41% with increased daily fiber. (In other words, out of every 1000 patients who would have developed MI, 410 did not.)

Coronary heart disease was reduced by 29% for every 10 grams total, or, 2.5g SOLUBLE fiber per day.
Sudden coronary DEATHS were reduced by 27%!! SOLUBLE fiber had a greater effect than INSOLUBLE.

One of the most surprising results of the studies was that, although cholesterol levels dropped for most subjects, it didn't matter whether cholesterol levels changed! The studies proved that we can protect our hearts and arteries just by consuming the right fibers
even without reducing cholesterol!
(Studies based on over 60,000 patients.)

--J.A.M.A. 1996;275:447-451
--Circulation, 1996;94:2720-2727

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